Welcome to Wholesale Pricing Discount demo.

Wholesale Pricing Discount helps you setup Wholesale pricing and discounts for your B2B customers. Try out the demos of different discounts and the other features from below. If any of these fits your need, do try out the app for free.

  • Before we start, please check retail prices.

    So that you can see how discounts and wholesale prices are applied when logged in.

  • Discount Groups

    See how percentage (%) based discounts are offered to wholesale customers using Discount Groups.

    Watch demo video
  • Individual Variant Pricing

    See how custom prices are offered to specific customers. E.g. Retail sees $19 & wholesale sees $6.54.

    Watch demo video
  • Volume Discount

    See how tiered pricing or volume discounts are offered based on the number of units purchased.

    Watch demo video
  • Advanced Shipping

    See how shipping charges are set based on a % of the total cart value or the weight of the items.

  • Wholesale Signup Form

    See how visitors can register as wholesale customers using a simple signup form.

  • Net Terms

    See how payment terms like Net 30, Net 60, or Net 90 are offered to wholesale customers.

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