Welcome to Wholesale Pricing Discount demo.

View wholesale prices and discounts by logging in as different customers.
Customer 1
35% discount on all products
Customer 2
Individualvariant pricing
Prices set for each product variant
Customer 3
Prices based on purchase volume
Retail and Wholesale are incorporated in the same store using B2B/B2C Combined Store. View retail prices
Dedicated Wholesale Section With just a single click, you can easily create an entire webpage that is exclusive to your wholesale customers. This webpage is tailored to meet the needs of your valued wholesale clients, providing them with a personalized experience.
Try login with:
Email: customer1@wholesalehelper.io
Password: ilovevip
Email: customer2@wholesalehelper.io
Password: wpdvip33
Wholesale Signup Form See how visitors can register as wholesale customers using a simple signup form. You can also customize the options needed in the Wholesale signup form to suit your business.
Advanced Shipping Advanced shipping rules can be customized by multiple factors such as weight, final cart value, and more. Watch this video to understand all the possibilities of applying advanced shipping for your customers.
Flat Shipping fee
of $5.00 Using Discount Groups Try demo
Shipping based on cart
% of cart total Using Advanced Shipping Try demo
Net Terms. See how payment terms like Net 30, Net 60, or Net 90 are offered to wholesale customers using the Net Terms feature.